Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Riley is simply amazing..... Oct +, catch up time!!!!

Riley amazes me everyday! His body is so strong and continues to grow in strength and weight!! He went from a chubby 54 lb. little boy, to a sick 41lbs, back up to a healthy 53 lb little man!! He has ALL of his hair back and we gave him his first hair cut the other night!! although we COULD NOT shave the back!! I don't blame him!!

He LOVES school and in the morning asks every 10 minutes if it's time to go yet!! He also has new friends that are just around the corner and wants to play all the time!! I love to sit back and listen to him giggle with his buddies! It makes my heart happy!!

In the past 2 and a half months we have been able to do things that we haven't done for a long time! It's so refreshing just to say, we went to the grocery store, or we was able to go on a play date or have friends come over to play!
The best part of all is being able to be around people!!
Riley was able to go trick or treating!!
Riley wanted to be an alien and Hunter is a Zombie thing!!!

We got to go to the Make A Wish Halloween Party!! It was soooo much fun!!!

We also got to go with the Hope Kids of Utah, to Frightmares!! Riley was scared of the Zombies but that's it!!

We also was able to go on Riley's Make A Wish trip to Florida in November!! There are no words for how much fun we had! To this day Riley will say, " I just miss Florida, can we go back?" I wish we could!! There will be another BIG post on that soon!!

Then there was Thanksgiving!!!
He made his own turkey hat at school!!

 Thanksgiving at Great Grandma's!!
This is the first time Riley was able to run and play with cousins all year! He had a ball!!

You would NEVER catch Riley out in the snow for longer then 4 minutes tops!!
Until now!! I can't get him back inside! He sleighs during the day......
 and at night......

We also got a chance to go to the Mac's Gifts Cancer foundation. It was so very special! It was hard to go and see so many kids with illness, but so humbling to know we are getting better!
Santa Cosmo!!
 and of course Santa Claus!!
 The boys got a golden ticket from Santa and could go into his workshop and pick out 1 toy each! Hunter got Lego's and Riley got an Angry Bird alarm clock.... of all things!!!

This foundation is simply amazing. They provided us a Christmas for the kids, they would otherwise not get. We are so blessed to be apart of this wonderful foundation.

Let's just say we had a very emotional Merry Christmas!!
And a very sick New Years!!!
(Riley was throwing up, Hunter had strep, Mom had kidney stones and dad had a cold!!!)

There's just a glimpse at the last 2 1/2 months of Riley's happy, free, exciting life!!
It hasn't gone without some downs for sure. Riley will go through spurts of days or even weeks when he will stay up til 3 or so at night because his body just won't shut off, I think it might some anxiety. He will go through days when he is angry and frustrated and yelling and says he doesn't know why, and about a month ago, he started to get REALLY scared at night, even with Draggy and his lamp on, so this has turned into mom sleeping with him, or him sleeping with mom and dad sleeping in Riley's bed!!! Whatever works and get's us some sleep!!!  You can imagine!!
I just feel like, if I have been struggling, I'm sure he is too but just doesn't know how to handle it, so we'll WORK on things as we go!!

Hunter on the other hand has been struggling himself. He has a problem with going to school. Especially when Riley is sick or has an appointment. I know he is just worried about Riley and is just dealing, but he will fake sick a lot. I'm not sure it it's for attention, or he just needs a break and needs to clear his mind and be home. Were working on that too!!!

As for me, my anxiety is slowly creeping back up due to the upcoming scans in 5 days. I know Riley will be free of this disease, I just don't know when and if were done yet.
I'm not sure if this is mommy instinct's or just fear taking over but I'm trying really hard to stay calm and be positive.
Please pray for Riley and the spot on his liver that it will not end up being cancer and our fears will be put to rest.

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