Monday, April 14, 2014

Make a wish Star raising

In March Riley and ALL of our family got to go the Make-A-Wish for his star raising ceremony. It was so incredible!!

 He gets a star and writes on it then he gets to help lift it to the ceiling where all the other stars and hung from every child that has every been granted a wish.

 His is the only blue one mixed in with red and orange! It's in the perfect spot!!

All of our family was there except 2 family's, we had a tore of the building and had cake to celebrate!!
Here is a picture of my family. Chris's ended up having to be somewhere else towards the end, when we broke out the camera for family pics!!

We cannot thank you enough Make-A-wish Utah!! And all who has donated to this incredible charity. Thank you also, to, Steve!! Our volunteer, who has been there through all of this and helped make everything happen!!

Riley says at least  3 times a week how much he misses Florida and how bad he wants to go back!

The bad part about this is...... Riley says he can't wait to get cancer again and make another wish to go to Australia!! HaHa!!! Not funny kid!!

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  1. Wow, seriously not funny! I noticed that Riley finally got a hair cut--he looks great! I am SO happy the scans have been good. I can't believe all that you've been through this past year. In fact, it seems crazy after seeing Riley boot that soccer ball all over the place! He is so resilient and amazing. SO VERY HAPPY for your family!